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From: Conductive Garboil Grant & Office of 4 Culture

Conductive Garboil Grant 2014: Congrats Jeppa K Hall! Prolific performance artist/comedian, vocalist, musician and songwriter.

Jeppa K Hall has been awarded the 2014 Conductive Garboil Grant.

Russel Daniels

Russel Daniels

Jeppa challenges the limits of creative discourse, connects community, facilitates excitement, and generally shakes things up. Her creative practice is a life practice and her ecstatic gestures deliver on the promise of art’s ability to conduct and disturb. She is just the kind of person Su Job envisioned when she created and endowed this award for Seattle artists with a connection to Pioneer Square.

Jeppa’s hybridized practice is difficult to describe or even categorize. Rooted in the healing power of laughter and ritual, she challenges consumerist propaganda and institutionalized power structures. Popculture iconography, imagery of women in mass media, and objects associated with male dominance, help her expose political, corporate and media abuses and their direct relationship to gender inequality,self-hatred, denatured food, and more. Her unusual storytelling, layered metaphors, and amalgamationof the collective American consciousness with the unknown and cosmic, results in engaging psychedelicperformance that encourages dialogue and expands perceptions of time and space. Through her alter ego QUEEN SHMOOQUAN, an everyday hero within whom lies a super-real modern day oracle, Jeppa tests the limits of contemporary performance art as well as political and social satire.

Her other solo and collaborative projects include the 21st century story ballads of GOATGIRL, the acoustic doom metal duo FINGER with Julie Baldridge, the performance duo PIP-N-TOP, SEATTLE HARMONIC VOICES under the direction of Stephen Fandrich, and the guerilla street art team, THE GALLBLADDERS.

Celebrate Jeppa and the Conductive Garboil Grant process on first Thursday, October 2nd, 6-8pmin the TK Lofts’ Vandenbrink Community Room.




Queen Shmooquan's fashion feature in The Stranger. "Fashion Icon Queen Shmooquan," by Marti Jonjak. Who knew she had so much influence in the fashion world?

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