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Goatgirl (Jeppa Hall aka Queen Shmooquan) at Sh' Bang Festival

Goatgirl is the story-ballads of performance artist/comedian, composer, musician, vocalist, Jeppa K Hall (Queen Shmooquan). Goatgirl’s skillful storytelling and unique melodic sensibilities merge with parlor guitar accompaniment and an unusual voice (a la Malvina Reynolds and Peggy Seeger), to deliver uncommon, thought provoking, hybridized folk music.

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BLEED: Queen Shmooquan, Alisa Popova, Patrick Clark

Malden Works presents:

BLEED! With Queen Shmooquan, Alisa Popova, and Patrick Clark

June 29th and 30th

Base Experimental Arts, 7:30 PM $20



BLEED is a showcase of new solo experimental works from three dynamic Pacific Northwest performance artists. It features new work from performance art/comedy cult legend Queen Shmooquan, experimental performer Alisa Popova, and performer / visual artist Patrick Clark. Base is a nonprofit organization dedicated to elevating risk and invention in dance, performance and multidisciplinary art.


Queen Shmooquan. Dark Wave, is a solo performance art/comedy/music piece featuring Queen Shmooquan, the Modern Day Oracle. The Queen shape-shifts from her lucid “everyday hero” self into bizarre manifestations of the normalized, yet dissonant imagery of our current American political and social landscape, seamlessly transitioning from one costume, performance medium, to the next, resulting in hilarious, fast paced, absurd and surrealistic music and theater. This performance of Queen Shmooquan. Dark Wave is an extension of a piece originally presented at the Risk/Reward Festival of New Performance (Portland, OR.)  in 2017.

Alisa Popova Sidesmile

Using her(self), the audience, and a few objects, Alisa grapples with reality, the infinity of choices within each moment, and the average human’s relationship with their mind, which has a mind of its own, pun intended. Through it all, Alisa showcases the body as absurd and/or beautiful, and contemplates necessity, especially in relation to performance.

Instagram: @art.never.stops

Patrick Clark’s Kingfisher is a multimedia solo work using printed words and images, light, and everyday objects to reveal inner states as archetypes: the self-loather, the unaware privileged man, the groveling servant, the angry loser, etc. Using contrapuntal devices related to music composition to layer humor and discomfort, it is up to the audience to decide which archetype to promote, and which layer to believe.


ARTIST BIOS: Alisa Popova started showing small experimental performance works around the city in 2016. She is compelled to do so by a mysterious force. Alisa is deeply committed to the unlayering of her true Self, while not taking anything (too) seriously in the process. Alisa majored in dance at the UW, and has enjoyed exploring somatic and performance practices ever since. Alisa’s work has been showcased by Velocity Dance Center, Studio Current, Soil Gallery, and InArts.

Patrick Clark is Seattle-based performance artist, composer, music theorist and graphic designer. He holds degrees in Music Composition from the University of Washington and SUNY new Paltz. His compositions have been performed extensively in Seattle and New York. As a singer, Patrick has performed with The Esoterics, Whim W’Him, Bob Dorough, and the Kronos Quartet. A 2015 Artist in Residence at Seattle’s Studio Current, Patrick co-founded the organization’s bi-monthly Juicy! event. An accomplished graphic designer, he was a recipient of a 2009 Ideas That Matter grant.



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Earshot Jazz Festival: Queen Shmooquan sings the music of Frank Zappa.

Earshot Jazz Festival: But is it Jazz?
Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Columbia City Theater
$18 adults, $16 Earshot members and seniors, $10 students and military

The Baby Snakes play ZAPPA - With unmitigated audacity, the legendary Queen Shmooquan poots forth a Jazz Noise all over Frank Zappa’s imperial mustache. Qn Shmooquan, backed by a nine-piece band, pays homage to Zappa’s fabled Halloween shows of the 70’s and 80’s. Featuring arrangements by guitarist Simon Henneman and bassist John Seman

King Tears Bat Trip - guitarist Luke Bergman’s four-drummer (Icasiano, Thomas Campbell, Kristian Garrard, Evan Woodle) free-jazz ensemble, with Neil Welch (tenor sax).

DoNormaal - “The first thing you notice when you listen to DoNormaal, real name Christianne Karefa-Johnson, is the uniqueness of her voice: it slurs, falls, and bubbles out of her mouth like a water fountain. It's simultaneously creepy and vulnerable, intimate and jarring, and her sing-songy hooks owe as much to Three 6 Mafia as they do to Nirvana.” (Jackson Howard, Vice)



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The 2nd Annual Royal Room Psychedelic Festival (Night 1)

The 2nd Annual Royal Room Psychedelic Festival (Night 1)

Queen SHmooquan and the Invention of Mothers Performs:
Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention - Absolutely Free

The Royal Room 2nd Annual Psychedelic Festival honors the a half century of psychedelic music with an homage to some of the iconic records in the year of 1967.

7:30pm | Doors at 6:30pm

Tickets: $12 adv/ $15 dos
Tickets available from Stranger Tickets

also featured:

John Coltrane - Expression
Rarities and Oddities (the forgotten bands of 1967) The Music of:
The 13th Floor Elevators
Moby Grape
Country Joe and the Fish
The Seeds
and more!
The Velvet Underground & Nico


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Queen Shmooquan Fundraiser for Colectiva Legal Del Pueblo

Support Immigrant Justice!
Colectiva Legal del Pueblo fundraiser show!
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QUEEN SHMOOQUAN gathers some of her favorite PNW musicians and performers for one night of unusual performance and music to raise money for Colectiva Legal del Pueblo, a non-hierarchal collective organization founded for and by undocumented immigrants working to build community leadership and power for migrant justice through legal advocacy and education.

QUEEN SHMOOQUAN collaborates w/ saxwonderman SKERIK and live animator STEFAN GRUBER!

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Queen Shmooquan @ Glamorama

Glamorama is the inaugural event for the Art Martyr's Relief Society.  All money brought in at the door will be used to start the Art Martyrs Relief Fund, which will be money dedicated to need-based grants available to local artists going through tough times.

Consider: Queen Shmooquan, Shanghai Pearl, The Fabulous Downey Brothers, Kathy Moore, Anna Urband, Annastasia Workman, Matthew S Manges, Tony James, Jeremy Lightfoot, Rainbow Fletcher, Jess Leotard Klein, Tim Keller, Sari Breznau. There are some outfits you're not going to want to miss. In fact, wear your own ridiculously sparkled outfit.

Ticket can be gotten here:

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